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Esküvőszervező Budapest
Benya Eszter és Herendi Gábor esküvőszervező

Throughout the many years...

beside my Master of Ceremonies services, together with my colleague Eszter, as wedding planners, we organise more and more special weddings to the greatest joy of our couples.

As a Master of Ceremonies I had the opportunity to run a lot of weddings, but I often got into a difficult situation because the service providers, which were not properly selected by the couples - and therefore not providing quality service - made it hard for me to work hard on the Big Day, thus influencing the wedding atmosphere and its success not in a positive way. That is why I have chosen the service combo

"Planning and presenting in one hand"

that is currently the only service in the wedding market that uniquely combines the Master of Ceremonies and the Wedding Planning services.

As a Wedding Planner with Eszter I am with you from the very beginning of the organisational tasks and I will accompany you until your wedding day, where I conduct your Big Day as a Master of Ceremonies.

I experience that organising a wedding is an increasingly challenging task for the couples, because they find it difficult to navigate in the service provider market. We, as a result of more than a decade of experience, recommend qualitative service providers (not exclusively) closest to our couples' personalities, thus ensuring that together we bring out the maximum of our weddings.
We have proven that with many creative and innovative ideas our weddings can be a little bit different than usual. Of course, we are working on traditions, elegance and quality, we provide a service that results in satisfaction for everyone at end, be it the couple, the invited guests, or, last but not least, the wedding service providers who are just as important to our attention, communication and maximum job security. That will make our weddings unique and unrepeatable…

Features of our wedding planning services:
  • Female and male energies, vision, sense. Combined with Eszter, as one of the most powerful combinations, we can offer Master of Ceremonies and Wedding Planning combo services with the benefits of which can be enjoyed by everyone from the beginning to the end of the wedding.
  • We are not thinking in templates, we are not forcing anything to anyone; our creativity is limited only by our couples.
  • Fun, cheerfulness and lightness from the very beginning to the very end of the wedding.
  • Life memories, by which our couples want to repeat their weddings in 25 years...
  • Empathy and proper communication from the youngest to the oldest, since we can find the best sound with everyone.
  • Predictable, realistic costs. We charge for our work according to each task itself.
If you are interested in our unique Master of Ceremonies and Wedding Planning combo services, we would be pleased to meet you in a completely informal meeting with no obligations.

Best regards:
Eszter & Gábor

e-mail address:        phone: +36 30 949 0378
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